Lisa van der Breggen

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"I work with an action and reaction process.
I start of intuitively and the concrete idea of the work
and the story behind it comes at the end.
I start by making and building. In the beginning I guide the work,
and later the work guides me, we take turns.
In the end I always want to end up with a work that is able to
speak for itself and that takes the questions away from the viewer.
This is shown in my latest works where I use and reuse drawings
to build a construction.

I am most inspired by the phenomenon of cultural taboos.
Being born in the Netherlands and growing up partly in New Zealand,
the cultural differences had a lot of influence on me.
I explore my own love and hate relationship towards western society
and taboos such as the supression of emotions,
not allowing ourselves to fully show (more extreme) feelings,
so we hide them underneath layers of ourselves.
We usually have the feeling of having to adapt,
and act in a certain way as expected.
It is also as if I want to figure out what truth is
and to find the answer to: does it exist?
Because our own truth is just a perspective which is made up
of our own opinions and experiences.
So does a universal truth exist?"